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Oct 13, 2019
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Welcome to the public EverPixel Wiki forum topic!
We recommend that before you post anything, you read below to see if your question has been answered.
There are also FAQs below.

Types of posts that are cool

  • Asking a question about the Wiki​
  • Answering a question someone has asked​
  • Constructive criticism on how the Wiki can improve (e.g. “I think this could be better like this” or “you're missing something here”)​
  • General suggestions​
Types of posts that don't go here

Anything not directly related to the Wiki does not go on this topic. Please post them in their own topics.
  • Questions about EverPixel Network - please make a topic of your own in this forum, instead of posting here​
  • Asking for help with a project - please make a topic in the right subforum​
  • Suggestions for blocks to be added - please post in Suggestions​
  • Account troubles (e.g. bans) - please use Contact Us instead of posting anywhere​
Types of posts that aren't cool

Anything that doesn't follow Community Guidelines is not okay for here, including:
  • Disrespectful posts​
  • Posts with inappropriate content​
  • Spam or advertisements - keep that in the right subforum or Discord​
  • Destructive criticism (e.g. “the Wiki is stupid!” or “my account request was rejected! you're the worst people in the world”)​

Q: I have a Forums account! Why can't I sign in/edit the wiki?
A: You cannot edit/sign in because a forums account does not correspond to a Wiki account.
You need to request for an EPWiki account to edit.

Q: How do I become an Admin/SuperEditor?
A: Administrators are appointed by current administrators, Editors are EverPixel Team members

Have fun!

Make your post now! We welcome questions and suggestions of any kind.​
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