General Rules


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General Rules
  1. Unfair advantages of any form are not allowed. For Earth Towny, this includes (but isn't limited to) auto-clickers, hacked clients, xray texturepacks and putting weights on/taping down your mouse or keyboard.
    For EverPixel Skyblock, this includes (but isn't limited to) autoclickers in combat, hacked clients and xray texturepacks.
  2. Teleport killing is not allowed. Any traps are not allowed as well.
  3. Spamming commands, excluding LWC is not allowed.
  4. There is a maximum for accounts per IP, although alerts will be raised when close to the limit. Using a VPN/Proxy is not allowed and will be blocked upon login. Skyblock has a limit of 1 alternative account, whilst Towny has a limit of 2 alternative accounts.
  5. Macros are allowed for welcome messages, common help responses, and town promotions. Macros outside of these are not allowed.
  6. Abusing server or Minecraft glitches and using methods to bypass permissions is not allowed.
  7. No 0 tick farms, flying machines, huge redstone contraptions, lag machines, hopper clocks, or redstone clocks (with a lower delay than 32 ticks (4 full repeater delay)). Feel free to ask a staff member to check your build-out.
  8. Do not scam each other, this includes significantly overpricing, rigging/modifying agreed on deals to benefit you and/or someone else, renaming items to impersonate others, not giving the item to the player after purchase or not paying for the item at all. (Moved to individual server rules)
  9. No inappropriate skins, nicknames, usernames, nametags, item names or builds. This includes NSFW skins, historically bad people, political ideologies and nicknames with more than 15 characters (not including colour codes). Inappropriate builds include no swastikas, hammer and sickles, and no genitalia.
  10. Setting player warps or homes in, or around a 20 chunk radius of a town that is not yours is not allowed and will be removed with no refund and/or warning. If you’ve been given direct permission and can prove that, you may keep the home/warp.
  11. Staff will not refund any items lost to despawn for any reason.
  12. Claiming the main end island spawns is not allowed.
  13. Staff have the final say in all matters. If you have an issue with a ruling, feel free to make an appeal and/or staff report if you feel it was unjust. Do not continue to argue about it as this will make the punishment tougher.
  14. You are responsible for your own account, regardless of who does the action on your account, you are liable for the damages and consequences.
  15. Do not trade in-game money for anything outside of the server with the only exception being the EverPixel store.
  16. Ban Evading on a seperate account is not allowed. Your IP will be banned for the same time as your main account.
  17. Mute Evasion, including using signs or any in-game feature to chat will result in a ban for the duration of said mute.
  18. Anti-competitive practices are not allowed. This includes: significant undercutting or overpricing (price fixing), bid rigging and abuse of a dominant market position. This will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Breaking this rule can cost you up to 50% of you and your alt(s) (if applicable) Bank, Marriage Bank (if applicable), Cash and Town/Nation Bank (if applicable).
  19. Cheat clients, macro keys and other modifications which give the player gameplay leverage over other players are not allowed. Players found breaking this rule will face a permanent ban, and yes, permanent means permanent.
    This rule does not apply to:
    Optifine and other performance improvement mods.
    Armor and effect status HUD mods.
    Minimap mods unless they display more information than our Dynmap provides.
    Purely aesthetic mods.
  20. Knowingly benefitting from or assisting others in breaking server rules.
    Players found intentionally assisting in, knowingly participating in, or knowingly benefitting from other players breaking any of the rules listed on this page may be treated as if they committed the act themselves.
  21. Technical errors and server exploits, players are not allowed to take advantage of apparent server bugs or otherwise exploit technical oversights. Players found taking advantage bugs or technical oversights without notifying staff may be permanently banned.
  22. You are not allowed to be AFK more than 15 minutes, if you are found using a method of circumventing the auto-kicking staff will take action.
  23. The following account characteristics may not be explicit, sexual, racist or otherwise inappropriate: Username, Nickname, Player skin, Town name, Town titles, Nation name
  24. Listed unwanted behavior is not allowed on the server. Unwanted behavior includes:
    • Explicit forms of bullying.
    • Repetitive use of derogatory terms.
    • Comments encouraging self-harm.
    • Inciting violence or explicit forms of hate speech against racial and social minorities.
    • Explicit talk about sex.
      Toxicity is evaluated on a case by case basis and staff has final say in what is considered toxic behavior. Repeated behavior may lead to warnings, mutes and eventually a permanent ban.
  25. Intentionally causing lag or disrupting EverPixel services by players intentionally causing harm to the services we provide may be permanently banned.
  26. If a player or players are working with another player who is breaking a rule and there is reasonable belief that they are aware of what the other player is doing, the player in question will be considered just as bad as the player breaking the rule.
  27. Any sort of glitching (including, but not limited to, enderpearl/vehicle/boat/entity glitching) that allows you to get through a previously blocked wall will be counted as abusing a bug/glitch.
  28. While AFK style Farms are allowed, if they are causing any lag to the server they may be removed without warning, or if you are AFKing during peak times you may be kicked from the server.
  29. Any use of lag machines/farms/builds that cause server/client lag will be punishable depending on the severity
  30. Asking staff for items, money, store items or anything similar is prohibited. Asking general questions is fine, but it cannot go further than that.
  31. We do not allow the targeting of new players that join the server. A new player is defined as someone who joined less than 1 hour ago.
  32. No obsessive declaring of war. (no declaring on the same town or nation consecutively/constantly)


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EverPixel Chat Rules (Discord, Teamspeak, Minecraft)

C1. Do not spam/Flood in the chat, private message, or pokes.

C2. Any form of chat disturbance/spam isn’t allowed, including repeating messages (frequently), randomized messages (including &k), countdowns, chat flooding, and spacing out letters.

C3. Use common sense

C4. Leaking someone’s personal information knowing they don’t want it to be publicized is not allowed.

C5. Do not advertise groups, servers, YouTube videos(Unless EverPixel or Minecraft guide related), etc.

C6. No soundboards, or playing music loudly through the microphone!

C7. Do not impersonate staff.

C8. No discrimination of any type, No racism, misogyny, or any other comments that target a group of people.

C9. Do not abuse Teamspeak/Discord glitches/bugs.

C10. Do not record the channel without any consent from anyone in the channel (exception being recording for rule breaking)!

C11. Inappropriate names, statuses & pictures are not acceptable.

C12. Do not link anything related to screamers, pornographic content, phishing/scams, virus’ or any other inappropriate website.

C13. Do not disrespect players & staff, harassing players or targeted harassment in any form is not acceptable.

C14. Do not excessively channel hop!

C15. Do not ban evade, extended punishments may vary!

C16. Do not type in the wrong chat.

C17. Staff have the right to remove anyone they feel violated the rules.

C18. Staff decision is final, Do not argue/bargain with the staff.

C19. Do not discuss politics, exploits, hacks or religion here. This is a community for people to feel welcome not uncomfortable. (minor chat is allowed but can be requested to stop at any time)

C20. Do not post anything NSFW or any other content that may be offensive.

C21. Do not spam any staff member about anything. When they have time they will check it.

C22. Excessive name calling, threats or harassment will not be tolerated and will be moderated.

C23. Asking anything related to your staff application will not be tolerated and the same rules apply

C24. Malicious links are not allowed, this includes for instance viruses or ip loggers. Links which contribute to breaking any of the rules listed on this page are not allowed. This includes sending links to other players in Discord for instance as well. Linking to sexual or extremely violent/disturbing content is not allowed. Other links are allowed, although they may get caught by the spam filter.

C25. Including any offensive content in conversation in any form is prohibited in all available channels and includes topics such as politics, religion, acts of violence, rape, suicide/self-harm, school shootings, and other serious topics. Also keep in mind that hate speech including racial slurs or derivatives thereof, sexist or homophobic statements, and other similar types of messages are not tolerated on this server.
We understand that as a earth/factions server, politics related conversation is impossible to avoid but please keep anything controversial out of public chat.

C25. When speaking in either the global chat or the designated chat channels you should stick to English only. You can use other private chat channels for other languages such as town chat or private messages. If there are only or almost only players who also speak your language online you are allowed to speak it in the global channels too.

C26.We ask that all player-related drama is dealt with outside of public chat channels, including our Discord server. This means you should take this to either /message in-game or Discord DM’s.


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Earth Rules

1. Griefing any claimed land (including a 1 chunk radius around claimed land) by a town including outposts (that isn’t your town) is NOT allowed if permissions don't permit. If permissions are incorrectly setup and outsiders can interact with or break blocks, you are allowed to do so.
2. Do not join towns with the intent to cause damage or destruction.
3. Do not intentionally interfere with other towns and their expansion or design. This includes but is not limited to the following: ring 4-claiming, building walls around towns that are not your own, TNT cannons, intentional creeper explosions, lava and water pyramids, and claiming outposts/towns near another town to prevent expansion.
4. If you’re in or around a town, and a town member asks you to leave, its recommended do so immediately. if not rule #5 may be applied
5. You may only kill a trespasser in your town if: You have warned them and given them at least 1 minute to exit your town, and they are clearly not AFK and ignoring your commands. However, if the trespasser becomes hostile, or in armour with a weapon drawn a warning is no longer necessary.
6. If a town’s mayor is inactive for 30 days mayorship will be passed through the chain of commands: Co-Mayor, Assistant, Helper, VIP, and if none are active a regular town member that has been in the town for more than 2 weeks may assume mayorship. We do not delete any town for any reason unless all members are banned permanently. If the land is claimed, it's taken and there are no exceptions to this.
7. Ranked town members cannot use their permissions to steal from town members. Doing this will result in the ownership of the town being given to another player or removal of the town rank. This includes: draining the town bank, purposely making the town fall, stealing from other town members, and increasing tax with no prior notice.
8. If the mayor requests a plot to be cleared it will be cleared, items, chests and all.
9. Do not claim or greif land from a fallen town within 24 hours of the town falling.
(This rule 9. was replaced with Towny new Bankrupt System with a $250 debt Limit before deletion)
10. Stealing from and raiding other players is allowed. It’s up to each and every player to protect their assets.
11.Wilderness is defined by Towny as any land not currently claimed. You are allowed to grief structures or terrain as long as they are not within or in close proximity to a claimed area. However, any player may request major terrain grief to be rolled back even in the wilderness.
12.We want to maintain a clean and earth-like representation on the dynamic map, In order to preserve the map like this, major terraforming of the natural terrain is not allowed. In general, if your edits of the landscape alter the Dynmap view of the natural landscape majorly and is not used as part of the town, they will be removed. Examples of this includes for instance draining large lakes/rivers, creating artificial islands which are empty, or covering the ocean with platforms. Vertical terraforming is allowed as it does not change the dynmap view.
13. Breaking railways or ice roads is not allowed even in the wilderness, if willingly connecting two existing towns. This does not only apply to the rails but all blocks the railroad is made of.
14. The act of tricking players into teleporting to a specific location, town or person just to kill unfairly (lava) or trap (1x2 area spawn) them is not allowed.
15. No spawn killing or town spawn killing. This includes bed trapping.
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Some examples of griefing but no limited to:
-- Lava Casts - Mountain-like structures that are built using lava and water.
-- Lava/water curtains - Placing rows of lava/water in the sky to make a wall of falling lava.
-- TNT craters.
-- Mass spawning entities within or around a town (Chickens, Boats, etc.).
-- Destroying Highways and Train Tracks/Carts